The Federal State Budget Scientific Institution "Scientific Centre of Mental Health" (FSHB NCHP) is the leading scientific institution in the field of psychiatry in Russia. The Center develops new scientific directions in psychiatry, based on reliable methodological approaches repeatedly tested in practice and in scientific activities. In the course of the research carried out, it became possible to examine in depth the clinical-pathogenic study of endogenous psychosis, to study in detail the relative age dimension of these problems, and to study post-stroke psychiatric disorders; To create a classification of autism spectrum disorders; advanced research into dementia of late age, among which research on Alzheimer’s disease and dementia of the Alzheimer’s type occupies a prominent place. In the field of border psychiatry, the Centre is developing in-depth the problem of psychosomatic disorders for various somatic diseases (oncology, cardiology, dermatology).
In addition, the Centre develops models for the organization of mental health services and conducts extensive clinical epidemiological and clinical socio-demographic research: Predictive models of indicators of mental illness have been developed, Suicides and disability among the Russian population, which can be used for optimum planning of the structure of the psychiatric care system and medical and social programmes, and operational monitoring of the mental health of the population of the Russian Federation. The staff of the Center took an active part in the development of the Law of the Russian Federation «On Psychiatric Care and Citizens' Rights in its provision» and participated in the introduction of additions and amendments to the said Law.

n the field of biological psychiatry, a number of neuroimmune and electrical parameters have been identified that can be applied to the personalized evaluation of psychopharmacotherapy. In the field of genomic research, the role of chromosomal mosaicism in the pathogenesis of autistic disorders has been shown, new genetic anomalies have been discovered; new data have been obtained in the field of brain prosthetic research; platelet markers of the effectiveness of psychotic therapy have been identified; Biological markers of impaired functions of the CNS that can be used in the subsequent development of test systems for the formation of risk groups, as well as for the monitoring of patients with endogenous mental disorders; Potential markers of mild cognitive decline syndrome and Alzheimer’s disease have been identified - a step towards the development of ultra-early diagnosis and prevention of Alzheimer’s disease
Psychopharmacological research is constantly being developed at the Centre, which is carried out in accordance with the modern methodology of their conduct on the basis of the rules of quality clinical practice (GCP) and the requirements of evidence-based medicine. In addition to the clinical trial of new psychotropic drugs, the Centre offers a wide range of international multi-centric psychopharmacological programmes for the pre-clinical and clinical study of new psychopharmacological means with specific indications for their use in individual applications Mental illness Questions of the relative age of evaluation of the psycho-pharmacological action of psychopharmacological preparations, their effectiveness and transferability (individual sensitivity) are being developed.

Every year, the National Scientific and Practical Conferences are held at the Federal Institute for Public Health, including with international participation, on current issues in clinical and biological psychiatry. The staff of the Centre take an active part in the work of national and foreign congresses, congresses, conferences and seminars. It has become a long-standing tradition to hold annual joint conferences with the Medical Center under the President of the Russian Federation.
On the basis of the National Centre for Mental Health as the main scientific psychiatric institution, there is an interdepartmental scientific council of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Ministry of Health on psychiatric problems. It is attended by leading psychiatrists of the country from other research institutes and departments of psychiatry. The staff of the Center head the problem committees of the Center on specific scientific directions in psychiatry, their tasks are to discuss the most important scientific and practical achievements in psychiatry, to determine their prospects, Ways to develop and adopt recommendations for further use.