• Maricheva Maria Alexandrovna – Head of the Division, board certified psychotherapist, highest category.
  • Kuznetsov Vladimir Victorovich – psychotherapist.
  • Paramonova Valeria Victorovna – clinical psychologist, Candidate of Psychological Sciences.
  • Biryukova Maria Vladimirovna - clinical psychologist, Candidate of Psychological Sciences.
  • Degtyarev Gleb Sergeevich – clinical psychologist.
  • Globenko Tatiana Mihaylovna – clinical psychologist.
  • Surikova Maria Anatolievna – clinical psychologist.
  • Matei Valentina Vasilyevna – head nurse.

In this department patients have an opportunity to be engaged in specially designed programs of psychiatric and psychosocial rehabilitation. These programs aimed at improving the efficiency of pharmacotherapy, drug treatment, support for recovery and optimal adaptation of the patient after discharge from the hospital. Specialists provide psychotherapy in matters relating to the development of symptoms and diseases, and in the resolution of personal, family and other issues, which are complicate the course of the disease. Specialist of the Division of rehabilitation and the attending physician develop an individual comprehensive program of readaptation, which is based on the diagnosis of the general level of adaptation and on identification of targets for psychosocial correction. We use a wide range of techniques, both modern and proven to be effective over many years of use. There are programs of an occupational therapy , a psychoeducational classes , an art therapy , psychodynamic group work, a communicational skills training , support groups, a coping-skills training, a neurocognitive training group , an individual and personality-oriented psychotherapy . Specialists of our division conduct psychoeducational workshops for relatives of patients , family and individual counseling.