Division #2

Smulevich Anatoly Boleslavovich – Head of Department , Academician of RAS, Professor


Scientific staff :

  • Kolyutskaya Elena Vladimirovna - MD, Professor.
  • Ivanov Stanislav Victorovich - MD, Professor.
  • Myasnikova Lyubov Konstantinovna - senior researcher, candidate of medical sciences.
  • Giatsintova Anastasia Alexandrovna - junior researcher.
  • Skalon Alena Dmitrievna - junior researcher.
  • Belova Nadezhda Andreevna - junior researcher.


Clinic staff :

  • Kraineva Lyudmila Vasilievna - Chief of the Division, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation, board certified psychiatrist, highest category.
  • Yakovlev Dmitry Lyvovoich - board certified psychiatrist, first category.
  • Valitova Julia Vladimirovna – psychiatrist.
  • Kolomoets Yuriy Valer'yanovich - board certified neurologist, highest category, Honoured Doctor of the Russian Federation.
  • Voronina Valentina Ivanovna - senior nurse.


Division (mixed by gender - 50 beds is designed for patients with borderline mental disorders. These disorders are represented by mild violations, bordering with the state of mental health. However, they cause significant deviations in various areas of mental functioning (professional, social and family adaptation, interpersonal relationships) and often lead to the need of hospital treatment. In the treatment of such patients it is necessary to apply complex techniques, including pharmacotherapy, along with physical therapy programs. Psychotherapy is an important part of the treatment too. It is aimed at the rehabilitation of the patient as well as at the solving of social problems. All of these significantly improve the quality of life.