Margarita Alexeyevna Morozova is the head of laboratory of psychopharmacology, doctor of medical sciences. In 1989 she upheld her PhD's thesis “Clinic, course and prognosis of endogenous affective psychosis with a prevalence of manic disorders”, in 2003 she defended her doctoral thesis “Atypical antipsychotic drugs used in the treatment of shift-like schizophrenia: structural-dynamic analysis”. The main direction of her scientific interests is the assessment of therapeutic actions of new psychotropic agents. From 1998, she is the head of laboratory of psychopharmacology. She worked as an expert in the Pharmacological Committee of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. She took part in many international clinical trials of psychopharmacological agents.

The Laboratory was organized in 1996, in order to conduct clinical approbations of psychopharmacological agents, with a simultaneous evaluation of clinical aspects of their activity.

The laboratory is staffed with 7 research fellows.


Scope of research activities of the Laboratory:

  • Evaluation of the realization of psychopharmacological action in the therapeutic response.
  • Use of therapeutic response as a tool to evaluate the relationship between symptoms in the general psychopathology in the clinical picture of the disease.
  • Elaboration of the methodology of psychopharmacological trials.