Sergey Nikolaevich Enikolopov is the head of the Department of clinical psychology, candidate of psychology, associate professor. In 1984 he upheld his PhD"s thesis “Aggression and aggressiveness of violent criminals”. His scientific interests involve: clinical psychology, psychology of aggressive behavior, psychology of victim behavior, gender psychology, ethnic psychology. He is an author of over 90 scientific publications in domestic and foreign scientific journals on the problems of clinical psychology, legal psychology and ethnic psychology. Under the supervision of S.N. Enikolopov, 3 PhD"s theses have been prepared and upheld. He as a member of the board of the Moscow division of the Russian Society of Psychologists and of the Association of child psychiatrists and psychologists. He is a member of the Society of specialists in the field of psychology and psychotherapy of traumatic stress. S.N. Yenikolopov regularly gives lectures on clinical and legal psychology, psychology of deviant behavior and forensic psychological expertise in a number of higher educational establishments of Moscow. He is a member of the European Association of psychology and law, member of the International Society for the study of aggression.

The department was created in 1998, on the basis of the laboratory of clinical psychology, that had been existing since the end of 40-s. The Department was consequently headed by M.S. Lebedinsky (1956-1962), Yu. F. Polyakov (1962-1980). Since 1989 the laboratory has been headed by S.N. Yenikolopov. In 50-60-s, the Department conducted a number of works related to the psychological assessment of the status of various analyzers in schizophrenia, and in the forthcoming years studies were performed and were internationally recognized on the structure of mental deficiency in schizophrenia with an identification of details in the process of selective knowledge actualization (Prof. Yu. F. Polyakov et al.); studies on the psychology of relatives of patients with various types of the schizophrenic course.

At present, the Department is staffed with 23 research fellows.

Scope of research activities of the Department:

  • Investigation of the personality structure in endogenous psychoses.
  • Psychological characteristics of mental dysontogenesis in schizophrenia, in age-related aspects.
  • Psychological aspects of social interrelationships of mental patients in the process of their re-adaptation and identification of maladaptation factors.
  • Personality, microsocial aspect and psychological correction of mental maladaptation states in patients with “borderline” mental pathology.
  • Evaluation of the psychological basis of deviant maternal behavior.
  • Investigation of cognitive processes in mental pathology in the elderly.
  • Psychological factors in the somatization of mental disorders.
  • Study of microsocial environment and psychological factors causing difficulties of social contacts.
  • Analysis of values and semantic aspects of the adaptation potential of a personality.
  • Development of psychological basis for sociometric methods.