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Журнал «Психиатрия»


 “Psychiatry” journal was established in 2002 on the initiative of academician of RAS A.S. Tiganov. Since 2008 the journal has been included in “The list of peer reviewed scientific journals”. Since 2012 the journal “Psychiatry” has become a part of the Russian Science Citation Index system.

Scientific and informational materials are published in “Psychiatry” journal in accordance with the basic directions of the journal. The goals of the journal include dissemination of actual information on the latest scientific developments and achievements of the clinical psychiatry, medical psychology, and fundamental research work in the field of neurosciences.

Much attention is paid to current methods of diagnostics, drug therapy of mental disorders, other types of therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of patients of various ages (children, adolescents, young adults, people of mature age, and old age patients). Translation of the results of research work into practice presents educational value for physicians, scientists, and organizers of public health.

The Editorial Board receives for consideration original papers and systematic reviews, which are important for psychiatric science and clinical practice. The priority is given to randomized controlled trials, systematic analyses, metha-analyses and large-scale cohort studies with the basis of scientific evidence. Reports of practical doctors on useful experience of detection and treatment of mental disorders are of great value.

The journal is intended for reading public: physicians, researchers, students, and faculties for advanced training of physicians, as well as organizers of public health of the Russian Federation, The Commonwealth of Independent States, and foreign countries.

 Availability for international audience is provided by the English version of the title of the paper and annotation and deposition of metadata of the article (of the published material), as well as bibliography at the site of the journal (http://www.psychiatry.ru/stat/73).

The members of Editorial Board present the leading scientific-educational centers of Russia and other countries. The Editorial Board includes academicians of RAS, professors, Doctors of Sciences and Candidates of Sciences. Among the authors of the journal there are specialists from the capital and regional scientific and practical institutions of the Russian Federation, The Commonwealth of Independent States and the near abroad, as well as foreign authors.

The basic directions of the work of the journal:

The section “Problems of clinical and biological psychiatry” contains papers, which consider:

- current methods of diagnostics and treatment of mental disorders;

-   achievements of neurosciences in the study of etiopathogenesis of mental disorders (in

the field of       genetics, neurochemistry,    immunology,

neurophysiology, neuropathology and others);                          

- problems of pathopsychology and neuropsychology in psychiatry;

- questions of epidemiology and organization of psychiatric services.

 The basic section of the journal entitled “Clinical and biological psychiatry” publishes original papers, containing new data on epidemiology, clinical picture, psychopathology, age specificities of mental disorders, their systematization, and reflects the current biological opinions of their etiology and pathway. The journal also contains practically oriented publications on the new approaches in the treatment of mental disorders with the use of new drugs and methods of therapy. New forms of organization of psychiatric assistance, as well as current approaches to the rehabilitation of the mentally ill are discussed. The works of practical doctors from various regions of Russia find their place on the sheets of the journal.

Systematic reviews and the results of metha-analysis of studies in the basic directions in the field of clinical and biological psychiatry, medical psychology are placed in the section “Scientific reviews”.

The section “Creative genius and mental health” (the column of editor-in-chief, academician of RAS A.S. Tiganov) contains pathobiographical descriptions of lives of eminent creative personalities.

The sections “Memorable dates” and “Our heritage” include essays about the psychiatrists of the past, who greatly contributed to the development of scientific and clinical psychiatry, and their most important publications.

            The sections “Information” and “Foreign Press Digest” deal with questions of the materials of domestic and foreign scientific congresses and conferences. Special attention is paid to the works of young scientists of our country, which they presented at professional forums. The journal informs the reader of the forthcoming scientific-practical arrangements in Russia and abroad and also presents prereviews of new books and abstracts from current foreign periodicals.

The journal works on the grounds of Regulations adopted in 2012. It comes out quarterly. Its circulation is 1000 copies. The journal was registered in the «Russian Press» union catalog. Subscription index is 91790. The journal is distributed on the territory of the Russian Federation both by subscription.

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27 Ноябрь,2017
XI научная конференция «Генетика человека и патология»

18 Июнь,2017
13th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry

18 Май,2017
Научно-практическая конференция с международным участием "Школа В.М.Бехтерева: от истоков до современности"

04 Май,2017
19th Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders

23 Апрель,2017
XIII Всероссийская Школа молодых психиатров "Суздаль-2017"

20 Апрель,2017

19 Апрель,2017
18th World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP)

01 Апрель,2017
25th European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2017)

30 Март,2017
V International Congress of Dual Disorders: Addictions and other Mental Disorders

29 Март,2017
Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция с международным участием "МЕТОДЫ НЕЙРОВИЗУАЛИЗАЦИИ В ПСИХИАТРИИ"

24 Март,2017
16 International congress on schizophrenia research

17 Март,2017
Психотерапия, Психофармакотерапия, Психологическое консультирование – грани исследуемого!

21 Февраль,2017
Научно-образовательный семинар "Шизоаффективное и шизотипическое расстройства"

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