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Журнал «Психиатрия»


Alexander Sergeevich Tiganov, editor-in-chief of “Psychiatry” journal, is an academician of RAS, PhD, Professor, Honoured Scientist of the Russian Federation, Head of Chair of Psychiatry at the Russian Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education (RMAPE). For 26 years he was the Director, and since 2014 he is the Scientific Head of FSBSI “The Mental Health Research Centre”.

            The “Psychiatry” journal was established on the initiative of A.S. Tiganov, who has been its permanent editor-in-chief. A.S. Tiganov possesses enormous many years experience of editorial work. For many years he has been a member of editorial board of such authoritative scientific-practical journals, as “S.S. Korsakoff journal of Neurology and Psychiatry”, “Mental disorders in general medicine”, “Russian Psychiatric Journal”, “V.M.Bekhterev Review of Psychiatry and Medical Psychology”.

               Academician A.S. Tiganov is acknowledged in Russia and abroad as the leader of the science of our country in the development of a wide spectrum of topical problems of current clinical and biological psychiatry. His scientific works are devoted to the study of psychopathology and etiopathogenesis of such diseases as schizophrenia, affective psychoses, psychosomatic and borderline mental disorders, dementias of various genesis, and the development of clinical entity of the notions of negative disorders and defect in psychiatry. His original studies of febrile schizophrenia, psychopathology and clinical picture of manic states in schizophrenia, systematization of endogenous depressions, dysthymia, distinguishing paroxysmal states in schizophrenia from epileptic and others made contents of many of his monographic publications. Under the direction of A.S. Tiganov theoretical and clinical problems of psychopharmacology are constantly developed, new highly efficient drugs and non-drug methods of treatment are put to use, which is aimed at overcoming of therapeutic resistance, prevention of relapses of the illness and improving rehabilitation measures in psychiatry.

       A.S. Tiganov takes an active part in WHO international programs in psychiatry, psychopharmacotherapy, he widely demonstrates the results of his scientific activities at Russian and international congresses, conferences, symposiums and seminars.

            A.S. Tiganov developed theoretical grounds and created the necessary prerequisites for making and improving of nosological classification of mental disorders in Russian and international variants. He is WHO expert in development of versions of international classification of diseases (ICD) and in the problems of postgraduate education in the field of mental health.

            Long-term experience and brilliant talent of the lecturer always attract numerous audiences, and separately published course of his lectures is in great demand in psychiatrists.

            A.S. Tiganov is the author of more than 200 scientific works, monographies, he is the co-author of a few editions of handbooks and Manual of Psychiatry. At present the manual is recognized as the basic edition of this scale and it serves for perfection of psychiatric knowledge of scientists, psychiatrists, and internists. A.S. Tiganov received personal award named after S.S. Korsakoff, established by RAMS.

            A.S. Tiganov is the member of the Bureau of clinical medicine of RAS, Chairman of Inter-departmental Scientific Council on the problems of mental health, permanent member of the Presidium of the Russian society of psychiatrists, President of interstate federation of psychiatrists and narcologists of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the member of the section for psychiatry of the Scientific Council of the Ministry of public health of the Russian Federation.

             A.S. Tiganov is a corresponding member of Cuban academy of sciences, German society of neurologists and psychiatrists, honorary member of Lithuanian psychiatric Society. His name was included into Foreign Encyclopedia of the most authoritative scientists of the world “Who is Who”. For outstanding achievements and contribution in the development of science and medical practice 21st-Century European Society awarded the MHRC in the person of its Director with international award “Chrystal Dragon” in the nomination of “21st-Century enterprise” (2002). A.S. Tiganov is a laureate of the Profession-LifeInternational Prize, awarded by WHO together with Minzdravsotsrazvitiya RF and RAMS. He is the owner of the prize of Washington Association for Mental Health and California psychiatric association (the USA) (2006). International academy of culture and art awarded A.S. Tiganov with an order “For contribution to culture” of the II-nd degree (2009), with the medal the “Man of the millennium” (2010); within the framework of X Ceremony of public recognition “The Élite of national economy” he was recognized as the best leader of the year (2010);

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18 Июнь,2017
13th World Congress of Biological Psychiatry

04 Май,2017
19th Conference of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders

23 Апрель,2017
XIII Всероссийская Школа молодых психиатров "Суздаль-2017"

20 Апрель,2017

19 Апрель,2017
18th World Congress of the World Association for Dynamic Psychiatry (WADP)

01 Апрель,2017
25th European Congress of Psychiatry (EPA 2017)

30 Март,2017
V International Congress of Dual Disorders: Addictions and other Mental Disorders

29 Март,2017
Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция с международным участием "МЕТОДЫ НЕЙРОВИЗУАЛИЗАЦИИ В ПСИХИАТРИИ"

24 Март,2017
16 International congress on schizophrenia research

17 Март,2017
Психотерапия, Психофармакотерапия, Психологическое консультирование – грани исследуемого!

21 Февраль,2017
Научно-образовательный семинар "Шизоаффективное и шизотипическое расстройства"

10 Февраль,2017
IV региональная НПК "Соматопсихиатрия и нейропсихиатрия"

26 Январь,2017
Научно-образовательный семинар "Шизофрения"

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